The Most “Wonderful” Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again, AP Exams. Students vigorously study every single night as their teachers continue to pound them with homework as they panic and see that we have almost less than a month to prepare.

Students spend so much money and time on exams that don’t really mean anything to the colleges. In fact, most of these classes are just the beginner class for your college courses. So what’s the point of taking an “AP US History” test if you’re not major in history, or any subject related to that. This applies to all AP tests you take.

Why do we, the students, have to struggle and despise our subjects. Why has society put so much pressure on the idea that we need to force our children to be the best intellectually at the cost of our sanity? These are just exams people! We learn as it is in for our best interest, not to receive some score that will “forever determine our fate”.


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