Mechanization. Technology has taken control of our lives and advanced even faster than we can expect. Our jobs are being taken over by machines as wages go up and employers disregard the fact people are losing their jobs.

This all revolves around greed. Our society revolves around a society of competition and consumerism. Only the best will survive. Now I’m not saying that competition is bad for our economy, but we have to realize that the unwillingness and the lack of sacrifice is actually hurting everybody in the long run. The selfish needs of one person maybe beneficial solely for that one person, but at what cost? Our technology has the power to take the jobs of hundreds of people.

What happens once our whole planet becomes mechanized? What happens when we are all jobless as the “Big Bosses” menacingly laugh at us behind their machines? We are practically waiting for another labor strife if we don’t come to a solution.


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