Team Culture

Recently, the Fountain Valley High School Swim Team received a new coaching staff and a new sense of culture. Our old coach was the type of coach that really neglected the team, and was more of a friend than a coach. He connected with the swimmer as a fellow swimmer, and it felt like he was working hard with us as a brother.

With Coach Kyle Nauman, radical changes came to the swim team. It was much more like our basketball team’s culture: Lead, Love, Elevate, and Swim. It was a rather different change and it didn’t feel right. Some loved it, some hate it. And that made me think, how was all this change for the American South with the coming of tolerance.

We see racism and sexism as the degenerate level of society. It’s wrong and absolutely disgusting in its pure form. But how do conservatives feel about the more liberal change in our society? How does one see their society literally slipping from their feet?


Léo L. Fuchs/Universal Pictures/Photofest


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