Fake Truth

History. It happened, but is it the same way you memorize it? The job of a historian is to release historical details without any sort of bias. But that is nearly impossible. We see that a lot of our history books talk about freedom and movements fighting for their rights. In a time of societal reform, all of this fits perfectly into context. But is it what we need to hear?

I feel as that historians leave out a significant amount of history that isn’t addressed in our textbooks. The darker side of things. It is understandable  that certain parts of history is biased, such as the events of World War II. The taboo events such as the Rape of Nanjing are usually skimmed over in history, while the Holocaust goes into deep content of suffering. History and media has always portrayed the Nazi’s as an all evil force. Now I’m not saying that the Nazi’s were good people, they’ve committed atrocities that the world would have never expected, but they did rebuild Germany’s economy and infrastructure.

All aspects of history should be shared so that we can make our own point of view, not the Author’s.


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