Signs and Yelling

It is interesting to see how protesting has changed. A century ago, people were protesting about labor and the conditions that they had to suffer and endure. There were no celebrities to endorse their struggle. These issues were rather serious with lives in inhumane conditions.

Life has gotten better. Conditions have gone up, and people are now able to live in more livable conditions. But public strife continues. Popular figures have taken their stance on controversial topics. In reality, these radical protest movements don’t seem to actually want to accomplish anything much like the organized labor in the 20’s, but they are an art form. Shia LaBeuof has answered the call to duty and rallied against our current president.

In a time of mass social media, it seems like anything used against Donald Trump is an easy way to gain popularity. Shia has been portrayed as a joke in the movie industry, and has lost a large amount of respect and seriousness after parodies and this video. Stars reach the bottomless pits of fame, struggling to rise back to the top, and that is when the jester really arises from the man.


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