Spells and Bees

Language is a rather strange thing. There are multiple ways to interpret and read it.

“L4NGU4GE 15 A R47H3R S7R4NG3 T41NG”

“Lnganaue is a rthear srantge tihng”

In both of these statements, the mind can almost translate both of these phrases automatically with actually even trying. Of course, you may struggle a little bit when reading it, but for the most part, you can understand what is going on.

But recently in an article I read, our president, Donald J. Trump, has taken a disregard of the English language. His tweets always contain small spelling errors that can be easily fixed with any smart phone’s auto correction. But he doesn’t seem to bother to fix it.

I believe the answer is that he simply wants to show that he is an attention seeker and wants to create controversy through media. During the elections, we saw the former candidate say blasphemy and ideas so ignorant that it turned the entire nation against him. Social media threw tantrums and fits with the election of our new president. A high, prestigious, and honorary position awarded to a man who doesn’t seem to have much class or respect for many things. Trump is a man with power and everything he wants.

Why should he care what others think of him?

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