The main things I wrote about were controversial topics in society. I talked about what conflicts and questions that would always arise in today’s talk and wanted to address my thoughts on it. The “Investigate” portion of the SQUID post really intrigued me because it was able to make a lot of my topics go into a deeper conversation.

A lot of my blogs were following the same question. How does this affect society? I went back and read all my topics, and I was able to connect them to some sort of aspect of society, even though some showed to have absolutely no connection to it. I kept on coming back to this question because the world itself has immersed itself so deep into social media that it seems that everything is a social conflict.

My article could be expanded on because of my recent stories and experiences, and I feel that I could be able to make this blog have a stronger effect. The topic regards on the topic of trying your least amount of work and being okay with what you’ve given.




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