Too Specific?

After reading Let’s Get Specific, by Beth Johnson, I learned the importance of having detail in one’s story. A bland story is nothing more than just another tale to be forgotten. But a descriptive story tells a trek among conflicts, drama, and action; a heroic story that will be passed down from generation to another. But how much detail is actually needed?

My sister once told me a story about when we were younger to my family. It started off with us running around our first home, role playing as Batman and the dainty Princess from the land of Rapunzel. Ripping the cushions from the couch with my massive strength as Batman, I began to hop on each cushion as if the floor was lava. The Princess was waiting to be saved by her beloved brother Batman, as she was being tormented by the evil and imaginary Joker. I jumped my way over and the both of us began to bounce on the couch, forgetting about we were role playing. We became frenzied with euphoria and adrenaline as we have found something new to do, bouncing on couches like an inflatable jumper.

“You then proceeded to go crazy and bashed your head against the walls repeatedly until you got a bloody nose. But you didn’t stop! You just kept on playing and jumping around nonstop, until Mom came in to rescue to save you.” she said.

That’s not how I remember it. I jumped around and got a dripping bloody nose, and then my sister started to cry as blood began to drip from my nose as a long strand. But my memory has always been terrible, so perhaps I was wrong. My sister’s story seemed unbelievable in other words. If one puts too much detail, is it possible that it seems exaggerated or false?


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