New Tech New Behavior

1279062408-kids-ipadPlay has been given a whole new definition. After watching the TEDX on play, a question came to my mind. An intriguing thought more like. The talk brought up points about school work  and parental concerns as restrictions against the thought of play. But in reality, we see parents encouraging kids to go outside to play.

The new generation has taken play on a different path, video games. Sure, video games has its benefits; but in the case of this study, does it still reap the same benefits as playing outside or interacting with others? With their eyes glued to their screens, it is quite difficult to get average American child to go outside and play.

My family, for example, is shown to have taken in this new method. Around 3/4ths of the cousins would rather play “Minecraft” on their iPads than go outside and play basketball. Is it possible that it is because the physical capacity of playing outside is too much and they would rather play with their games inside. Video games create the same point as playing in a hunter gatherer society would. According to the TEDX talk, playing allows the participants to simulate the world itself without consequences and open up their minds to social interactions. Video games can do just as much. But is it the same?



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