This weekend, I volunteered at the Surf City Marathon 2017. Waking up at 3 AM to arrive at the marathon at 4 AM to volunteer all the way to 12 PM was already enough. The mental capacity and physical strain is already a toll, but this was for the support of the community and volunteer hours. I then remembered, these runners are feeling the same thing, but amplified to maybe even a thousand.

Running to me is almost one of the worst things in the world. The lack of oxygen in your body makes your sides hurt as your legs began to numb with each step becoming heavier than the next. Your lower back strains as you drag on to finish only your first mile out of the other twenty-six.

What I find amazing though is all the hard work these marathon runners give. I watched as these runners sped by me, trying to reach their goal. It made me think about how much suffering and pain they went through in order to reach it. It is all for the pride, especially the pride in oneself. Once you set your mind to a goal, it is nearly the best feeling in the world to achieve it. It makes it worth all the pain and gruesome strife that one has to go through to obtain that goal. The mental capacity these runners have to go through. To think that one can run 26 miles and only start sweating at mile 5. That is quite a feat.


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