Fortunately Fortune


By Muhammad Ramzi  [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Economy. We’ve always associated this word in a negative way. Not once in my life have I heard that the economy is good and life is good and money is good. It’s always been, “President X is going to bring the economy down” or “We’re all going to lose our jobs”. We live in a world revolved around money.

After reading Rosenfeld’s article, I began to question the actual definition of privilege. The author defines privilege as someone who is more fortunate than others. She goes into description about how her child is able to befriend someone who is in the same societal class. But is this really the meaning of privilege? I would consider that definition as more like fortunate or well-off.

This leads into my next question. What makes one a certain class? Rosenfeld talks about her experience at her private high school and the 17 year olds driving around their brand new cars. Is class represented by wealth? Materialism? To me, being a certain class means a certain privilege. Privilege is the ability to do something without consequence, in my opinion.

It is a privilege to be privileged


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