Color: White

What do you think of when you see the color white? Holiness? Innocence? In humanism art, artists always portray angles and God in a white robe surrounded in yellow and white light. But in today’s society, what do we associate white with?

I am not trying to get into depth about the racial struggle and clash of our society, but the term “white privilege” has been thrown around in more recently. In my last blog post, I talked about the definition of privilege as doing something without consequence. Now ponder on that. White privilege. What does that even mean? “We live in a world controlled by whites.” one might say. But in reality, we live in a shared world controlled by the ignorance of the people.

America is the land of opportunity and diversity. There is no question about that. Everyone is given the same equal rights and under the same protection of the law. The only oppression we receive is from the people. Of course, it’s impossible to evade inequality. Prejudice and judgement is part of human nature. To make a statement that a certain race rules the world is quite absurd. As for anything, we have to past the fact that we are different and realize that we all have the same opportunities that someone with wealth and power may have.

Everything depends on how much work you put in.


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