Where has he been?

Donald Trump; president elect, business man, and maybe the most hated man at the time. Donald Trump has somehow attracted the attention of nearly the whole nation with a burning passion. Messages of hate and death threats were made to this man, yet he still won the presidential election.

Before the 2016 election, Donald Trump was still a very wealth man, but he wasn’t extremely well known. Nobody had paid attention to his policies and his unpopular comments and actions. In fact, he’s been running for president since 1998. His popular slogan, “Make America Great Again”, has been around ever since. Hate has spread through this divided nation like never before. We see protests, strikes, and walkouts through the nation as he was elected for president. Why is that we only start to take notice of him now. Racism, sexism, and all other forms of hate has always been a part of human nature and a building block of the Americas. Although those were a dark period of time for our nation, it is still what makes our nation what it is today.

Conflict will always rise regardless. There is no way around it. But why is it that we start to make such rash actions when someone begins to be known. Look at yourself for example. As someone begins to get praised and receives attention, you think to yourself, what makes this person great? What’s so great about him that everyone has to compliment him? He’s just an ordinary person like the rest of us. It is human nature for us to berate and step down someone. It’s just the way of life.



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