Human nature. It’s a strange thing. Beyond our understanding, yet understandable. We never stop to think about why someone is like that. We just think, that certain personality is strongly associated with that person.  But one thing I see very commonly among people is the action of degrading.

Bullying has always been a form of degrading, but in reality, bullying isn’t really a problem if you can step up to the plate and just avoid it. What I am talking about is when you stop thinking and words just start to spill out. We don’t really have much thought when we say things; it just comes out. This is commonly seen when people begin to “succeed too much”. In reality, envy and anger comes out of the people who aren’t able to reach as high as the successful can.

Take Justin Bieber, for example. When he had just started to become known by the world with his hit “Baby”, Justin received so much hate that his video has one of the most dislikes on any video. But everywhere you went, you would still hear that song play. You would still sing along with that song if you were to hear it now. And as far as I can tell, you probably know the whole song by heart. It was a major hit, but why did he receive so much hate for it? Well that was because he was only 13, but his music had the entire nation singing along. Success in those we see “lower than us” will always make us have a sense of rage. We see this in several thousands different forms throughout history: slavery, gender discrimination, racial segregation. Look at politicians or that one popular girl at your school. It’s everywhere! And practically impossible to stop.

It’s human nature.


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