“There’s No Way That’s Real”


In today’s society, photo shop and editing can be seen in multiple degrees across all sorts of media. Everyone wants to be seen as perfect. Who doesn’t? The images fix our complexion to broaden our smiles and bring out the “best” of all of us.

But to what point is this photo shop too much? Cat fishing is a term used when a person uses another person’s picture, usually an attractive one, in order to tempt the victim into giving in to that person. How would they know? Those who are tricked can end up throwing their lives into an infinite spiral and never be able to get back on their feet. As seen by the article, there’s a large amount of people who are unable to distinguish news that is false.

My family has gotten into some nasty situations with photo shop. A relative of mine was in a biking group who were all close friends, but one of them was a little more than a closer friend one could say. The relative of mine was married keep in mind. The group thought it would be funny if they would photo shop the two together doing questionable things. Their son had found out about the picture, and told his mother about it, questioning what was going on. Needless to say, there was division in the family after that.



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