Your Sercurity in “Our Hands” 

After watching Black Mirror, a show based on the “what ifs” and the controversial questions and aspects in our society placed in a dystopian future, I became even more paranoid about our rights to privacy. 

In the episode, Shut Up and Dance, several characters are violated of their privacy but were all guilty of enacting acts that are unbearable to think of. The hackers were able to gain precious information that if released would leave the victims disgraced and at the hands of society. This made me think about all the possibilities that would leave me in the mercy of the hackers, which included robbery and murder in the episode. 

How much of our security is actually secured? How do we know that our private information isn’t being monitored constantly and everything we say is leaked? Back in 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA has been spying on the public through extensive internet and phone surveillance. The consequences that would occur if this information was used against us would be horrendous. Of course, these actions could potentially reduce the amount of terrioist attacks on society as well as any potential threats to us. But at what cost? We are allowing our freedoms to be exploited and used to find criminals and offenders. 

We have to take into caution that we are always being watched. 


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