A Walk Down Memory Lane 

In a recent interview with my dad, I was able to listen and relive his past through his stories. I saw so many connections from his life and what I have now. 

One of the things that stood out most for me was his passion in music. Growing up, my family has always been a biggie on music with my dad wanting to start a “family band”. But on the note of the band, he was in a band himself. It was surprising because I am in a band myself, of course it’s struggling and not as talented as his, but same scenario. My dad has taught me so much in music and exposed me to thousands of different songs of different genres from different decades, and I’ll cherish every single one of them. It makes me wonder if I will be much like my father in passing down my era of culture to him. 

The transition for him was shown to be difficult, but he ended out ok. My peers and I are struggling so badly, and most of us don’t even know what we are doing in this rapid world. For my dad, he wasn’t even able to speak English, but he worked hard and he pulled it off to have a happy life. That makes me wonder, if he was struggling and he couldn’t speak the language, how will I turn out? When parents say they had a hard time growing up, we need to take their advice because it’s true. But society has developed to make sure that everyone has to break through their limits in order to accomplish the norm. 

Although we live in a society where everything is difficult and intense enough that it makes people want to end their misery by taking their own lives, we need to strive beyond that and work for what our parents have provided for us. 


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